Students in ClassBetter Learning Environment

Study after study has proven that smaller class sizes lead to better results for our schoolchildren. That’s why Senator Ellis has long championed efforts to limit class sizes and protect the 22-1 class size limit passed in 1984, which served as the foundation for Texas’ educational improvement in the 1990s. In 2011, Ellis fought plans to eliminate the 22-1 limit and, in 1999, he authored a plan which would have further reduced class size limits to 17-1, to help teachers teach, and students learn.

Safer College Campuses

Tragedies at college campuses across the nation have led to calls for allowing guns on campus. Senator Ellis listened to university officials, student groups and law enforcement across Texas and led the opposition to allowing more guns on campus. He believes allowing guns on campus will make our campuses less, not safe.

Making College Affordable

In addition to fighting for more financial aid, Senator Ellis has led the fight to roll back tuition increases. In 2003, he opposed tuition deregulation, which has led to skyrocketing costs. Since deregulation, tuition has increased 156 percent statewide, and even higher at some of our most select Texas universities. Senator Ellis continues to work with Senators from both parties to eliminate tuition deregulation and rein in crippling costs increases.