Sen. Ellis’ statement on open carry amendment


(Austin, TX) // Tonight, Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) voted for an amendment offered by Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) to HB 910, the open carry bill. Senator Ellis offers the following statement:

“I have a long history of opposing open carry legislation and a strong record of supporting sensible reforms to reduce gun violence and keep firearms out of the hands of criminals,” said Senator Ellis. “But if open carry is going to become law, law enforcement shouldn’t be able to circumvent constitutional rights and detain someone solely because they are open carrying in compliance with the law.”

Senator Ellis continued: “Our state has an unfortunate record on racial profiling and selective enforcement when it comes to detaining people of color. I supported Senator Huffines’ amendment because minority Texans, like all Texans, should be able to exercise their rights, whatever those rights might be, without fear of selective infringement and detention without any reasonable suspicion of unlawful activity.”


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