Sen. Ellis on his vote against SB 11, the “campus carry” bill

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(Austin, TX) // Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) releases the following statement regarding today’s debate on Senate Bill 11, the “campus carry” bill:

“To those who say campus carry preserves our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, I disagree, and I’m in good company. Our founding fathers knew guns had no place on campuses almost 200 years ago, just as they shouldn’t be there today,” said Senator Ellis.

In the minutes of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors meeting of October 4-5, 1824, when Thomas Jefferson was Rector and James Madison was on the board, a rule was established banning certain items and behavior, including keeping firearms on campus. Specifically, the rule adopted by the University of Virginia stated that:

“[n]o Student shall, within the precincts of the University, introduce, keep or use any spirituous or vinous liquors, keep or use weapons or arms of any kind, or gunpowder, keep a servant, horse or dog, appear in school with a stick, or any weapon, nor, while in school, be covered without permission of the Professor, nor use tobacco by smoking or chewing, on pain of any of the minor punishments, at the discretion of the Faculty, or of the board of Censors, approved by the Faculty.”

“This is not a constitutional issue,” said Senator Ellis. “This is an issue of ensuring our young people have a safe place of higher learning as they grow from childhood to adulthood. The fact that Thomas Jefferson and the drafter of the Bill of Rights, James Madison, established these rules is pretty conclusive: guns have no place on our state’s college campuses.”

“As I’ve said before, this bill is a reflection of misplaced priorities. Instead of arming students with guns, we should be arming them with 21st century educational opportunities, better paying jobs and fairer wages, and access to quality, affordable health care.”


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