Sen. Ellis on his vote against SB 5 and SJR 5

“Infrastructure investment is key to creating good paying jobs and ensuring Texas remains competitive in the 21st century economy,” said Senator Ellis. “But so is investing in our human infrastructure, through quality educational opportunities and better health care for Texas families. By constitutionally dedicating this funding, we’re creating a new multi-billion dollar hole that’s going to be difficult to fill during years when the budget is tight. So I cannot in good conscience support legislation that will restrict the ability of future legislatures to meet our state’s needs.”

“The voters sent us here to make hard decisions including allocating money to address our state’s needs. If transportation is truly a priority for this legislature, then it should appropriate funding to do so. Just like any other agency which goes through the budgeting process, TxDOT should have to make its case each session regarding its funding needs, and it should be accountable for how those dollars are spent.”

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