Ellis Rips Senate’s War on Texas Women’s Right to Choose


(Austin, TX)Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) today released the following statement regarding the continuing attack on Texas women’s right to choose.   

“The war on women is apparently alive and well in Texas.  Just days after Governor Perry vetoed legislation requiring equal pay for equal work for women, the Texas Senate has decided to dramatically decrease access to health care and harm Texas women.   Texas Women deserve better treatment than they are getting from their government.

“None of these bills passed the Senate during the regular legislative session, demonstrating the lack of support for these issues by the body.  Now in special session under new rules we will be forcing a woman to allow government into what should be a very personal and private matter between her, her family, and her doctor.

“There are 254 counties in Texas; Under SB 5, women would have access to these critical services in exactly five of them.  Anti-choice advocates are simply eradicating Texas women’s ability to receive health care services they are constitutionally protected to receive.  They want to make it virtually impossible for Texas women to seek safe, legal health care without facing the political consequences of trying to ban all abortion.  It is a cynical, destructive but, sadly, effective strategy.

“All of these bills are masked in the cover of making women safer and healthier, when in reality these are political issues that seek to take away a women’s choice.   They restrict the practice of medicine and weaken standards of care and patient safety.  These plans will have devastating consequences when a woman is experiencing medical complications.

“As a father of three daughters, these are not the types of private, personal decisions I want the Legislature making for them.

“We all saw the effects of these very same rash political decisions, with the cuts to family planning last session, which gained points with certain political parties but served no real purpose to make the lives of every day Texans better and in fact had devastating consequences for access to care for many.

“Thankfully with bipartisan support, some of the cuts to funding were restored.  It is disappointing and insulting that after the cooperative regular legislative session we just completed that these partisan issues were added to the call.

“I hope members realize that these bills will decrease access, increase complications and harm women.”


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