Ellis Statement on Morton/Ken Anderson Court of Inquiry Decision

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(Austin, Texas) – Rodney Ellis (D-Houston), who attended the proceedings in Williamson County, today released the following statement on the Michael Morton/Ken Anderson Court of Inquiry decision:

“To anyone interested in justice, Judge Sturns’ decision was a tough one, but the right one. This case was one of the most extraordinary incidents of prosecutorial misconduct in the last thirty years, so justice demanded an extraordinary response.

“The decision is a huge step toward justice for Michael Morton. There is no way to make up for the 25 years he wrongly spent in prison, but the system working correctly is a positive development. Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder that all parties must uphold the law for our system to work, for innocent Texans to be protected and for justice to be done.

“The state of Texas owes a debt of gratitude to Michael Morton — and the men like him — that cannot be under-stated. Throughout this ordeal, he has reminded us the flaws in our system and the consequences of injustice. His faith, grace, courage and strength are reminders that humanity can shine through even the darkest and most inhumane treatment, and that hope and belief in the truth can move mountains and save lives.

“Today is a step towards justice, but more remains to be done. We must pass SB 1611, the Michael Morton Act, and ensure all relevant evidence and all relevant facts come to light to safeguard the innocent, convict the guilty, and provide justice the people of Texas can have faith in.

“Passage of the Michael Morton Act will increase transparency and accountability in criminal cases at a stage when we can still prevent wrongful convictions like Mr. Morton’s. I want to thank Mr. Morton for continuing his quest for justice with courage, compassion and conviction. Without his character, heart and leadership, we would not have seen the system work today, and we would not be as far down the path toward reform as we are.”


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