Statement of Senator Ellis on Obama Administration Immigration Announcement

(Austin, TX)Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) today released the following statement in support of President Obama’s announcement of a halt of deportation of DREAMers.

“I fully support President Obama’s decision to stop deportation of young people eligible for the DREAM Act. It is the right policy at the right time. Thanks to the president’s action, nearly 1 million immigrants between 16 and 30 living in the United States will no longer live in fear of deportation and can plan and build a successful life in the country they call home. I hope that this kick starts action on a more comprehensive plan to address the immigration issue and spurs Congress to pass the DREAM Act.

“America is a product of immigration and change. We are a country founded on and molded from the joining of different peoples in pursuit of individual freedom and the common good. In America, different cultures, different races, different ethnicities all unite in one nation with one common goal — to achieve the American Dream. That dream is to create a better and brighter future for our children and grandchildren, and to turn the hopes and aspirations of one generation into the reality of the next.

“Each generation of Americans stands on the shoulders of those who came before them. Whether you were born here or you were brought here by parents with little more the clothes on their back, the overwhelming majority are just trying to earn a living and provide for their families. They are trying to achieve the American Dream, which still serves as a beacon of hope to millions around the world.

“So how do we deal with the reality that there are millions here striving to achieve that American Dream? The first step is for Congress to pass the DREAM Act, a simple, bipartisan, common sense proposal which provides a qualified path to citizenship to talented, responsible students. It will help over 2 million young people in the country – and more than a quarter of a million in Texas — earn a path to legalization through higher education or military service. It will also add billions of dollars to our nation’s economy through both income gains and innovation, and create a new generation of Americans dedicated to our principles and ideals. It is time for Congress to put politics and rhetoric aside and do what is right and just for millions.

“The promise of America is that anyone can write the next chapter of our history. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like. What matters is what you do, how you help create a nation which lives its ideals and creates a better America for the next generation. The DREAM Act will build a strong America for us all by providing millions the opportunity to build their own American Dream.”

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