Move to Quash Morton Investigation Raises Serious Questions

(Austin, Texas)—Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) today released the following statement regarding the latest legal maneuvers in the Michael Morton wrongful conviction case.

“This may be one of the clearest incident of prosecutorial misconduct in the last thirty years. I am very concerned by attempts to hamstring the investigation into prosecutorial misconduct in the Michael Morton murder case before it even gets underway. This raises serious questions and damages the interests of justice. It has the appearance of the search for damage control rather than the truth.

“Mr. Morton waited for years to have evidence tested which would prove his innocence; now, just as the investigation to find out what went wrong gets underway, there is an attempt to speed things up. What’s the rush?

“There are serious allegations that must be thoroughly and impartially investigated. The rush to close the book on this matter makes it seem like those in power have something to hide. I am confident that Mr. Morton is interested in getting to the bottom of this matter, not the bottom line, so I believe any talk of speeding up compensation is a red herring.”

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