Ellis: “We Have Another Chance to Get it Right”

(Austin)—Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) today urged Governor Rick Perry to expand the call of the 1st Called Special Session to seriously address the Texas budget crisis and tackle systemic problems plaguing the state.

Ellis requested the governor add to the call legislation that will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue to protect Texas families, responsibly invest in our future, and reduce the need for severe budget cuts to education and healthcare with no new taxes. (See attached, below)

“We have another chance to get it right,” said Ellis. “The time for half-measures, gimmicks and smoke and mirrors is over. If we want to seriously address the budget crisis over the long haul — and not just create new deficits every session — we must eliminate corporate loopholes that rip-off Texans, fix the structural deficit and use the Rainy Day Fund as we have in the past.”

Ellis requested legislation on the following issues be included in the call:

* Close Wasteful Corporate Tax Loopholes: $2.8 billion
* Reform Access Rainy Day Fund: $6 billion
* Fix Margins Tax: $10 billion
* Enforce Sales Tax Law: $1.2 billion
* Criminal Justice Reforms: $493 million over five years

“It is far more important for us to get the budget done right than it is to get it done right now, said Ellis. “We’re ready to get to work and to work with the governor and those in charge. But bipartisanship is not a one-way street. They need to work with us as well.”

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