Ellis Files Complete Streets Legislation

(Austin, Texas) — Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) has filed Senate Bill 513, Complete Streets legislation which will require agencies with projects receiving federal or state funding to consider all modes of transportation when they are building or renovating roads.

Senate Bill 513 will lead to safer roads for bicyclists, pedestrians, people who are disabled, children, the elderly and other road users. The Complete Streets plan will also enhance public transit by connecting bike lanes and sidewalks to rail and bus stations.

“The Complete Streets plan is good, sound policy for our state,” said Ellis. “Building complete streets that account for ALL types users including pedestrians of all ages and abilities, bicyclists, public transportation vehicles, and automobiles broadens the potential of our cities and communities. If more Texans have the option to use alternative forms of transportation, we could be healthier and safer, our streets could be less congested and cleaner, and our local and regional economies would benefit from increased activity.”

Traffic congestion mitigation is especially important in high-population urban areas, such as Senator Ellis’ district, which includes the city of Houston. Separating modes of transportation will decrease traffic congestion by creating exclusive areas, such as bike lanes, sidewalks and crosswalks, upon which cyclists, pedestrians and motorists travel.

“Traffic congestion has become such a problem, especially in urban areas, that we have no choice but to consider alternative forms of transportation like bicycles, mass transit and walking,” said Senator Ellis.

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